Saturday, August 22, 2009

Project Wedding: Eco Chic Weddings

Brides all across the world have been struck not only by love, but the wave of eco-friendly media that has hit our society. So it would only be fitting if brides were to take action and be "green" at their wedding. Project Wedding has outlined some green accessories that brides can purchase for their ceremonies. To be honest, plants and flowers seem to be the same to me. However, something about the green hue of a plant gives off a more environmentally friendly feel.

As well, brides can have a garden wedding, which would also give off an environmental feel. It is becoming all the rage to go green. Brides are also buying wedding stationery and accessories that are reusable and eco friendly! In this day and age, brides can go all out being green for their wedding. The limits are endless!

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