Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Introducing So You Think You Can Dance Into Weddings...

Recently in the Globe and Mail I stumbled across an article which said that bride and grooms have become tired of the old traditional walk down the aisle and the "first dance". To spice things up, the wedding party has taken dance lessons and hired choreographers in order to keep things interesting during the ceremony. It has become the norm to personalize your wedding with your own dance, either down the aisle or during the first dance of the bride and groom. Say goodbye to the old boring traditional walk and waltz, say hello to hip hop, techno, dance and club!

However, some people do not agree with this new trend. Some still wish to have the traditional wedding, which people have preformed for decades. Whatever your fancy though, you should definitely check out some of these neat videos which people have posted of their not-so traditional weddings! They will have you laughing with tears, and leave you with an uplifted spirit. I know I was at least!!

They then performed their dance for the Today Show!


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