Friday, April 9, 2010

Gold Weddings at Zazzle

There are so many talented artists at Zazzle. When one of the store owners publishes a new wedding invitation design, it seems others take notice and promptly publish their own version of the latest "trend", trying to out-design one another.

Over the past few weeks that has resulted in GOLD both figuratively and literally.

As the wedding couple, looking for unique and innovative wedding stationery designs, this results in a GOLD MINE OF CHOICES for you. There are so many new and wonderful options that I have a hard time just narrowing them down for this blog.

For the designers at Zazzle, the latest challenge has been THE GOLD EMBELLISHMENTS. By that I mean, most new designs are featuring some sort of PHOTOSHOP GENERATED GOLD design in their invitations and other wedding stationery. They look wonderful on the computer screen, but realize that Zazzle is still only printing with inks and not gold foil, which may look a little less luxurious on your actual invitations.

I still think they are worth a look, so I have featured several below. This is just a taste....of GOLD!

Jaguarwoman's Invitation #4 invitation
Jaguarwoman's Invitation #4 by jaguarwoman
Shop from all the invites on zazzle

Elegant Formal Reception Card invitation
Elegant Formal Reception Card by DizzyDebbie
Create your own announcements online at Zazzle

Gold Heart wedding postage stamp
Gold Heart wedding postage by wedding_tshirts
Make personalized stamps at

I Do Wedding stamp
I Do Wedding by TDSwhite
Create customized stamps with Zazzle

For some of the products shown above, invitations do not exist yet. I am sure if you contacted the owner of the store, they would probably be glad to create any stationery you need with these designs.

I hope you enjoy the selections, don't forget to venture further into the Wedding Section at Zazzle. There are 1000's of designs. One will be right for you.

Just click on the image above to be linked directly to the online Zazzle store which sells this design. Follow the easy to use prompts to customize your product and then you can order as little or as many as you want. You can also keep your order on file and go back later and order more!!!

Other great things about the Zazzle online supplier are that they are eco-friendly, they have great customer service and 24 hour turnaround time for most products. Also they are now selling direct in CANADA, EUROPE, UNITED KINGDOM and AUSTRALIA, so no import duty from the US!
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