Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Personalize Your M&Ms

I've always wondered what was so special about leaving the red ones last... There's just something about them that taste better. The chocolate may be the same on the inside, but the colour RED just seems to make the whole thing taste better.

So what could change this whole way of logical thinking? Having your PICTURE on an M&M!

For the new year of 2009, M&M promoted being able to personalize your own M&M's, for any occasion. We have taken it one step further, and decided that you should personalize M&M's for your own wedding!!

The M&M website, which can be found at, offers an easy, step by step process, where you can upload photos and messages onto a program, and the website will actually give you a preview of what your personalized M&M's will look like! I had a little fun of my own, testing out this program.

You can upload as many as two pictures and two sayings.

If youupload one picture, you can have up to three sayings.

(You get both sides of two different M&M's)

Here are my trial M&M's!!

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