Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Perfect Beach Wedding

Visions of summer inspire dreams for the perfect wedding on the beach, on a warm summer and slightly windy day. There are no clouds in the sky and the only thing you can see for miles and miles is the ocean infront of you, and the beach on either side of you. The entrance way to the alter is made of found driftwood, crafted into an arch and the walkyway is decorated with hawaiian fire poles which have recently been lit.

The alter is not traditional whatsoever. It is a mini stage in the middle of the beach, with the view of endless ocean behind it. What a wonderful place to take your vows infront of close friends and family.

The reception is also held on the beach, complete with beach umbrellas and lounge chairs. The food is sea-inspired, with fresh greens and seafood. Even the drinks are colourful to reflect the summer feel. Cocktails are a must, and champange is reserved for the hotel room after the wedding, just for the bride and groom. To help inspire some of these wonderful images, I found some lovely pictures on

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