Tuesday, June 8, 2010

coffee, and a little globe and mail.

The Globe and Mail did a very nice feature on weddings in their Style section this weekend. It portrayed the elegance of new wedding trends; with brides and grooms turning to optimum beauty, with a splash of simplicity. Weddings are beginning to be influenced by nature and its earthy roots.

Here is a gorgeous dress which features a non-conventional head piece instead of a veil, complete with flowers and a bouquet. 

Cakes are becoming the show pieces of the wedding, displaying elegance within the icing. The cake featured below is from the bakery mastermind of Cake Opera Co. 

Invitations are also becoming a huge investment, with much detail spent on the design of the cards. The ones below are handmade and unique. However, you can customize many on Zazzle to fit your wedding needs. I have chosen a gorgeous selection for you to preview.

Just click on the image above to be linked directly to the online Zazzle store which sells this design. Follow the easy to use prompts to customize your product and then you can order as little or as many as you want. You can also keep your order on file and go back later and order more!!! Other great things about the Zazzle online supplier are that they are eco-friendly, they have great customer service and 24 hour turnaround time for most products. Also they are now selling direct in CANADA, EUROPE, UNITED KINGDOM and AUSTRALIA, JAPAN, GERMANY, SPAIN, BRAZIL,PORTUGAL AND FRANCE, so no import duty from the US!

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